How to avoid the top 10 mistakes jewelers make in their displays

Posted: May 19, 2024

This article was originally posted in the Southern Jewelry News.

I spend a lot of time in jewelry stores! As a visual merchandising consultant, I am in all types of retail stores all around North America each week. Here are the most common display mistakes I see each day.

#10 The “Sweet Spot.” Put the piece in each case (or on each platform) you want most to sell in the back center of the case on a small, elevated riser. This is the “sweet spot” of each case where most shoppers look first and longest.

#9 Use your data reports to drive your display strategy. The EDGE software has a report (called Inventory Performance Report by category) that tells you tons of very helpful info about your store. Decide where your store is going and use the data in this report to dictate what you do. Call me if you need free help.

#8 Match your display element to your sales presentation. I like the Good-Better-Best (40-40-20) approach to display. Put the best 20% of pieces near the back of the case (remember the sweet spot) on individual elements. Put the next lower 40% (Better) on trays that hold 3-5. Put the least expensive (Good) on trays that hold 7 or more.

#7 Stop making your customer uncomfortable when they shop. Ever see a customer bend over to look through the front glass of your cases to see a piece? Use only flat displays in the front 6” of your cases. Every piece should be able to be seen through the top glass.

#6 Use signage in your cases to emphasize selling points. Use small magnetic “taco shell” signs to emphasize your best pieces. They sell when you aren’t.

#5 Get rid of worn-out displays. Yes, your customer notices even when you might not. Do your bridal case first and use some of the increased profit from there to do the other cases. Get magnetic displays in stock colors on vignettes with trays that allow the Good-Better-Best approach and they will pay for themselves quickly.

#4 Put your diamond studs in program trays. Make it easy for your customer to buy. Put the big ones at the top of the tray and work down. Remember the sweet spot.

#3 Turn your wall TV into a tool that actually sells something. For $99 per month, will send you a new show each month full of actual pieces you have in your cases. Just do it!

#2 Get some training for the people who set up your cases each day. There is a right and a wrong way to set up your cases. Cases need to be organized to sell and particularly to sell the pieces you most want to sell! If your strategy is just “get it all in the case,” you are missing the point. You wouldn’t let Mary set a diamond in the shop without any training, but you are letting her set up the case to sell all of them without training or because she likes doing it, or she makes it “pretty.” Displays are important!

#1 Reorganize your bridal by style of ring. Display by how your customer thinks. Put all halos in one case or section. All solitaires in another area, etc. Stop taking your customer to 3 or 4 different cases to see your halo selection on vendor displays the client doesn’t recognize. Do you organize your clothes closet at home by which store you bought the clothes from?

Space limitations keep me from a deeper explanation of each of these points. I am happy to discuss any of these points with you and offer free advice on your most pressing display issues. I also do free 15 minute ZOOM display training for your staff. Contact me at 817-980-2135, or