The Right Way to Display Loose Gemstones

Posted: February 18, 2014

How do you display loose gemstones securely and attractively?

Let’s start with security. Every store’s circumstances are different, but placing loose stones in small trays of no more than three and spreading the trays throughout the case is a good way to deter smash-and-grab robbers and mitigate losses. You should also regularly review your security procedures on all your cases with staff and be sure the showcase locks work and that they are used every time. Now that you’ve secured your loose goods we can think about making them attractive for people who want to acquire them legally. Larry Johnson, author of The Complete Guide to Effective Jewelry Display, says among the methods he’s seen are cups with screw tops, which provide a ready place for your sticker. He also recommends tweezer-like “grippers” so customers can handle the stones easily. “Human nature prompts the buyer to roll the gripper between their fingers making the stone really sparkle,” he says, adding that File-A-Gem cards are a great way to display the specifications of the stone right next to it. “As with all your displays, separate the better pieces into their own individual displays to enhance their perceived value. Never put your stones, or any other jewelry in your case, all lined up like soldiers. It encourages quick scanning instead of careful viewing of each item,” he says.